Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Jakey's Here!

Welcoming Jacob Aiden into our family!
Three cheers for our newest stinky boy!!!

2 days before delivery

Just before c-section

At the hospital with our new Jakey-poo!

Ready to go home!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Then There are THESE Moments...

I was standing in the kitchen, completely zoned out. I had smelled something suspicious that Gabe was working on, so I was giving him a minute or two to finish up before I changed his diaper. I was suddenly dragged back into reality when I heard a very cute little voice that said, "Gabe, can I see your poo again?" followed immediately by another cute voice saying, "Sure, Jechies." (That's code for Jesse.) I spun around to see Gabe plop to the floor and pull the crotch of his diaper aside to proudly display his work. I didn't miss the fact that Jesse's horrible request included the word again. Of course I flew into sterilization mode and took care of hands and diapers and everything else in a nine-mile radius, and it was then I wondered for perhaps the millionth time, Is this normal? Is my life really at all like anyone else's? Do these catastrophes strike other households, or are my children really different from the offspring of others? I still do not know the answer.

Polite Boy- (Sort of?)

By the time Matt and I actually finish our tasks and get to bed every evening, it's usually around midnight. When Matt has to get up particularly early or is really desperate for sleep, we pick up our sleeping boys and bring them to their little mattresses in our room. See, it's only a matter of minutes from the time Matt and I lay down until one or both of them wake up and we have to get up to address that whole scenario. If we bring them into our room ahead of time, we can hush them back to sleep immediately and carry on trying to sleep ourselves. So this is what we were doing the other night, only this time Jes woke up. He needed to go potty, so he shook off his sleepiness and wanted to talk for a few minutes and sleep in our bed. We were entertaining his whim (gotta take these chances when they come- they can be the funnest moments) when Gabey momentarily vacated his state of unconsciousness and requested quite loudly, "Shut up, please!" He was out snoring again within a second. The three of us who were awake busted up laughing, thus rousing ourselves even more, and spent an extra while trying to calm down again enough to sleep. Can't beat those moments.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Bird Houses!

The kids went to Home Depot for the monthly building project, and this time they made bird houses. They had a blast of course, then we all had a ball in between Saturday Conference sessions getting them painted. We stapled a plastic table cloth to the deck and stripped the boys down & let them do their thing. I know there are a billion of these- we like to overdo it in the picture department- so give 'em a quick scan & get on with life...

Love this one!

Holy Huge... (Admire my painting outfit- it's beautiful, eh?)