Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Yes, we're home from our trip (which was seriously awesome!). We're also quite sick. We left in a hurry, had a blast and came home exhausted. The house is still a wreck. Matt started a 24 hour stint at work yesterday and we're all dragging a bit. So fair warning: I have no intention of answering the door for at least a couple days. Phone calls are a maybe, depending on what's going on each moment. So please don't take it personally. We're just not up to interacting much as of now, and we really look forward to seeing/ chatting with everybody when we've got some umph back. Love to you all! We'll post pictures soon. Thanks for understanding. Talk to ya later.

Friday, August 7, 2009

My Son is Like a Box of Chocolates...

Jes was eating a delectable dinner of reheated takeout pizza, when Matt related the story about a middle of the night pizza mission he'd carried out with Gabe the night before. Matt slanted the facts a little to sound like the whole trip was concocted just to surprise Jesse with pizza for dinner tonight. Matt ended with, "Wasn't that nice of Gabey to go get this pizza for you?" J's response: "Well, I like Little Caesars, and... is this Little Caesars?"
Actually, it was Domino's. (Little Caesars was closed.) Sorry Domino's, a consensus has officially been reached. Y'all are pathetic compared to the classic five-buck-pizza.

In other quotables, Jesse's dinnertime prayer last night included a request to "Please let Jesus come and see us for a while." Tonight's contained, "Please don't let Jesus get killed by the bad guys again." (I should note here that we have explained how Jesus allowed some bad men to hurt and kill Him because of Heavenly Father's promise that if Jesus did these certain things for us, families can be together forever, etc. This will obviously be an ongoing discussion.)

A couple weeks ago we were in the car when Jesse had some questions. "Mommy, next time it rains can you show me the rainbow?"
"Of course, Baby."
"And can we go outside and play with it?"
...Oh and yes, in case you're wondering, I am in love with the boy.

It was that same car trip, when out of nowhere I was very urgently briefed. "Mom, we have a problem." His voice held all the panic of a mouse on a glue trap, trying to keep its cool. "WHERE IS GRANDPA JIM GONNA SIT?? There's a seat right here (gesturing to the front passenger seat) and Grandma Kay can sit in it. And you will sit there, and me and Gabey and Jakey will sit back here, and THERE'S NO PLACE FOR GRANDPA JIM!"
I told him all about rental cars, and he listened patiently, then sounded both relieved and astounded as he responded, "Oh. That's weally cool!"

So while it's at the very least entertaining to be around the kid, there's just no guessing what excitement the next moment may hold. I can only imagine what Gabey and Jakey will have to say as their vocabularies increase. I admit, I'm morbidly curious.