Sunday, January 27, 2008

Playin' Out Back!

Snapped these this afternoon. I know this seems excessive, but Matt wants to see them.

Won't let me take a picture! Ugh...

Whole new meaning to "Back-biting."

This child is a CLONE of Fifi at this age. I swear I almost can't tell the difference!
I love my beautiful baby!

"Cowboots" on the wrong feet, a real rarity these days. Someone must have been in a hurry!

"Baby! Eat this!" Gladly.

Specimen Dweebatorious

See nostrils.


Gonna sneeze are ya? Or is it the dreaded Sun Face?
Flare those nostrils, glaze the eyes and bite that tongue!
Simple dweebieness. Reminds me of the little nerd in Bart's class.

Pics for Daddy

Kisses for Daddy!! We miss you!!!!!!!!