Thursday, March 13, 2008

So Sticky!

The phone rang mid-bedtime routine while the kids were being pajamaed. I was on the phone, writing down some information and completely distracted when I heard the crash. We have a gigantic file box full of junk food that's accumulated from Halloween, Christmas, and grandparents. When I found the boys, this is what I saw.

Notice the drool on Gabey's pants.

That's right, just chew through that wrapper, Big Boy.

Great- sticky slobber! Bath time it is!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Some Pictures: Both Cute and Goofy!

My kids love canned stew- which is great cause I just have to warm it up! I mix Gabey's with some instant mashed potatoes so it will stick to his utensil better. Looks pretty gross.

It rained and the bottom melted out of the charcoal bag, so Jesse grabbed a big rusty nail and a rock to break up all the wet coal. What fun!

Sorry so few of Gabe- more next time. Love you, Matt! Come home soon!