Monday, October 20, 2008

This One's for You, Honey!

Yesterday was our sixth anniversary, and it was amazing. Our lives have changed so much since we were married, and have only gotten better. It feels like I've known Matt and loved him forever, but days like this make me think the time has passed so quickly. I'm so thankful that I'm his wife, that he's given me these boys, that he enables me to be with our children each day, that he works so hard and asks so very little, and that we're having another sweet baby very soon. No woman deserves as much as I have- least of all, me. Babe, thanks so much for everything. I'm so blessed to spend my life with you.

P.S.- Thanks for giving up your other dreams so you can be home; I know I can't understand the magnitude of your sacrifices. We've been so spoiled, and have loved every minute with you!! You wrestle with the kids when you're tired, and pamper & cuddle me when you've had a hard day. Your boys and I adore your smile and your company. Happy anniversary!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Look Out, Ladies!

Soooo handsome!!! (Jesse actually made those faces on purpose. A kiss was the cure!) LOVE Gabe's new jammies...

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Did I get your hopes up? We have no idea yet. But lots of people are asking when we'll know the baby's sex. We've got a while to go (about six more weeks I think). So what do I predict? Matt and I both go back and fourth. At first I was sure we'd have a girl just because it seems like about the right time for something to come along and further frazzle my reality. I know ANY baby will do that, but I'm far more comfortable raising boys than girls. Now I'm thinking our tiny swimmer may be a boy, but my perception's all tainted cause I'm so afraid of birthing a little female. You know, mind games and all... we chicks can be... difficult. I feel safer being worn out than being stressed out and therefore boys seem the natural cushion for me. I can't believe I'm describing them that way. Snort.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Wonder...

Can anyone tell me why it's harder to breathe when you're pregnant? I mean, it makes plenty of sense when you're further along and the kid's taking up space, which crowds your lungs. But why, when the kid's the size of a walnut, must we pant like dogs when we mearly reach to get into the top cupboard or pull a casserole out of the fridge? Seriously, does anyone know? I'm truly curious about this.

And another thing, why does it hurt so badly to sneeze? Everything in the abdomen pulls in unnatural directions, wrenching you into a tangled up ball of tummy-cradling, momentary agony. Is that like, just ligaments & muscles crying out for sympathy for their ever-growing plight? Or perhaps, does the sneeze itself trigger some switch which screams out for all the nerve endings to immediately revolt against relative comfort? Any other theories out there?

Why, Why, Why?

My friend and I have been gabbing back & fourth through email and she recently inquired about why on earth I would choose to have this many young kids, in such a short period of time. I get the question every now and then, so I thought I'd post my answer:

I make no denial that parents choosing to have this many young kids may seem somewhat masochistic. I simply maintain that my energy is diminishing with the years and I may be best able to handle all this while I still have some left- (even if the supply feels massively insufficient for the job). Besides, the kids play together (a huge bonus for me!) and once I'm done with diapers I'll really be DONE. Surely I'm not the only one to see the advantages here.

So that's my side of things.