Sunday, January 25, 2009

Too Sexy for His Socks...

(...Well, because that's what he does.)

Now to the point:
An unattended pile of folding just begs to be plundered. What adventures await a boy in this uniform? I wish I could read his thoughts!

Another Glamor Shot...

Three months to go and people at church are asking me if I accidentally swallowed a watermelon. You ain't seen nothin yet, Babe...

Holy Snow Day!

It snowed! Here? So crazy, and lots of fun. Jesse ran off to play so I couldn't get many pictures of him. Gabe stayed close and had fun for a minute. He hates the cold, so that didn't last.
I never thought I'd see our house covered in white stuff! Impressively, the redneck-i-ness of the region has worn off on us and we park the car on the grass now in front of the house. So classy, I know... But seriously, garages are scarce around here and when it's rainy or cold, distance counts! Oh, and that huge lake you see that looks like pavement? No. That's where Jesse and the neighbor kids dig when it's muddy. Upper class living is all in the details, and it takes serious dedication to pull off this level of sophistication.

Let the fit begin!

...And continue...

What are you looking at, everything's perfectly fine! And put that camera down!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Making cookies over the holidays

Fell off the bench; Matt took pictures. I might have, oh I don't know, comforted him, but apparently there just wasn't time for that. I admit the picture's a little funny...
He was totally hamming it up and was really tired. It was a short fall.


Had to sneak just one pic of present-time in here. (The one of Jesse has disappeared somehow.) The main event: a second-hand ride on horse.

We went to the beach with Matt's parents on Christmas! It was beautiful, and a lot of fun. I love this place! It's so gorgeous here!

Jesse was very pensive as he examined all the tiny rocks and shells.

Why does he always do this?

Gabey buried his shoes and thought it was way fun.

Have you ever seen a more handsome boy? I think not.

Gabe put on one of Matt's old undershirts like a cape.

Just wanted to run around like that forever. So CUTE!

Out in the cotton field behind the house. The kids LOVE going on "Ga-ventures" back there!