Thursday, January 28, 2010

Happy Birthday to Gabe.

Gabe got a real drum with wooden drumsticks for his birthday. I was just stealing a whole 30 seconds alone so I could pee, and Matt burst into the bathroom. The drumsticks were hanging from his face, one in each nostril, and he was in monster stance, growling "Bllllaaaaaaa." I looked at him and said, "It was inevitable, I suppose. Impressive you could get the big ends in there."
"It hurts," he mumbled as he walked out.

Friday, January 22, 2010

My Jesse Boy!

Two things. Sweet doozie first, then the other doozie.

I was blown away today when he said this. We were all looking for the case of kids' movies so Jesse could watch a particular one. We couldn't find it anywhere. I had previously put the wrong one in the player, and he wasn't exactly giddy about it. After LOTS of searching, he caught me by complete surprise when he jumped into my arms and said, "It's ok Mom. I'll just be grateful for what I have." !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I guess some things do get through to him... Who'd of thunk? I'll control my compulsion to gush endlessly and I'll just say this: I was totally shocked, deeply pleased, and overwhelmingly grateful that somehow my son is learning these things from us. One moment of success really does make up for thousands of worries and doubts. Nothing else is this fulfilling.

Now this one was a few days ago. Perhaps the funniest situation I've ever witnessed firsthand took place in my living room. It was Sunday, just one day after Matt had taken Jesse over to the neighbor's to see them skin some rabbits they'd just hunted.
(Side note: I know that is controversial. Here's why I was totally on board for my son experiencing such a thing. Yes, it's a somewhat disturbing process. Yes, it's fairly harsh to watch. But it's reality. And I firmly believe that kids should understand the truth of things, on a level that's appropriate to their development. It offends people's sensibilities the first time they see an animal get killed/ butchered- as it should. I think God made that a part of our nature so we would have a certain reverence and respect for life. But, animals were created for the benefit of man. These rabbits were killed to serve as food for our neighbors, and witnessing the process undergone to achieve that purpose brings a certain sense of significance that steaks in the freezer just don't communicate. It's an important lesson to learn. Matt explained this to Jesse and answered all his questions. And, since that experience, Jes hasn't left any uneaten meat on his plate, because he knows an animal was sacrificed to feed our family.)

So back to Sunday. We were all laying around, enjoying the breeze from the open windows and the unusual quiet that had possessed our home. It was so peaceful and lovely! But Jesse got bored, so he turned to us and said, "Dad, do you think the neighbors are peeling any rabbits today?" I laughed till I was delirious. (I've never pushed oranges on the kids as part of their fruit quota, because I am lazy and of the position that they aren't worth peeling. Besides, I can chew one for 20 minutes without managing to swallow, and the texture is unappealing at best. Recently though, Matt's on an orange kick and the kids are loving them! Hence the terminology in reference to the rabbits.) Priceless!!