Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Have you ever:

Had to pick Chuck E Cheese tickets out of your bed at night?

Gone pee-pee while on hold with the cable company (and had the dude answer a little sooner than you expected)?

Been tired enough to actually give your child a hostess cupcake to eat on the couch?

Awaken to a suspiciously warm, wet sensation coming from a sleeping child beside you and just closed your eyes again, praying for another 5 minutes?

Silently hoped the kids would fall asleep on the drive home so you wouldn't have to brush their teeth?

Slipped your kids a treat for being exceedingly cute, even though they'd had enough sugar already?

Been scolded for trying to flip multiple pages at once to get through a particularly obnoxious children's book?

Ignored your pressing To Do List so you could cuddle your kiddo on the couch?

Hidden candy wrappers at the bottom of the trash can so no one (not even you) will see the evidence of your binge-a-licious crime?

Been mid-diaper/ -mess/ -project and looked the other way while the baby ate something (that's right, I'm gonna say it)- from last night's dinner that he found on the floor?

...Oh. I have.