Monday, November 16, 2009

Poor Piglet!

This arrived in my inbox with the heading "H1N1."

Those who know our family may see Gabe as a sad, isolated little pig from now on. At this moment he's in the ER with his dad, finding out what strain of AIDS he's got this time. My poor little piglet has a fever of 103. Pull out your masks, people, and avoid us like the plague we are! If there's anything contagious, Gabe hunts it down and licks it's sweaty butt folds. (Sorry, was that irreverent?) I'm a little stressed right now.
Oh, and thanks- I love you too, truly. But please don't stop by to check on us. We're holding up fine, but that hinges on the fact that friends and family cannot see the state of our front room. Thankyouverymuch.