Friday, August 19, 2011

Which Came First?

We were driving into the neighborhood the other day behind a leather-clad motorcyclist. The dude looked pretty formidable, but just before we parted ways with the bike Matt and I spotted a long, curly ponytail laying down the biker's back. Matt goes, "That's a chick!" And I was like, "Seriously? Whoa, that IS a chick." Gabe shouted out, "Where?" and Matt directed him to the motorcycle, which was speeding away from us. Gabe again shouted, "WHERE?" and I said, "Riding the bike that was in front of us, Gabe, that was a chick."
Gabey got all excited and flustered but managed to haltingly exclaim, "I can't see how... And I VERY don't believe it... that a CHICKEN could ride a motorcycle!"